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Before Tom can do much more than fold the white cloth on itself, Richie chews on his lip and says, "I thought the haircut came with a shave." Tom gives him an indulgent smile. Can't let you walk out the door without Belmont Hotel's finest." His eyes flicker down to Richie's chin. A voice like black molasses says, "What's the occasion? Dark eyes, gorgeous jawline, hair shot through with silver at the temples, and a generous mouth that splits into a smile when Richie squeaks, "Going back to school on Monday." Jesus, he sounds half his age. " "You got good eyes there, son," says the man, and Richie didn't know his ears could go hotter. George Fontaine, at your service." "Of course," says Richie, faintly, watching George dab saddle soap on his brush. Richie doesn't make it much further than his room before he has to slam the door shut and plunge a hand down his trousers, braced against the wood. He's already damp and so hard the first stroke makes his toes curl in his shoes. Brown leather oxfords buffed to a shine under the George's array of brushes, the muscles of his forearms bunching and flexing. Guilt and want twist in his gut, making his cock kick in his fist.

Or would he be gentle, as warm and patient as his voice?

Japan’s distinct culture, futuristic cities and striking natural landscapes make it one of our most rewarding destinations.

While the lifestyle may seem intimidatingly different, our specialists have spent time living, and often working, in the country and can help you navigate the cultural idiosyncrasies.

" says Richie, nearly dropping his roll, "Who's Magdalene? It was the one advantage of his single room, being able to tiptoe in front of the full-length mirror, feeling the sheer material slide between his thighs.

Clearing his throat, Richie waves a hand at the banner instead. Richie gasps, "Please." George mouths at the goose bumps pebbling the back of his neck. " "George, I can't—" Richie moans helplessly as George slips a finger under the hem of his girdle, stroking so close to where he needs it.With their expert guidance and help in planning your tailor-made itinerary, experiencing a culture far removed from your own is part of the country’s charm.In one sleek bullet train journey, you can travel from the dense, neon-lit streets of Tokyo to the fresh, clean air of the Japanese Alps.He'll return them if she notices, he tells himself, but she doesn't.He'll return them after the novelty wears off, after the thrill of wearing them under his trousers stops feeling so good. He lasts a week, and then gives in and buys a pair of panties.

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